sherry thomas

Mr Shery Thomas


consultant ophthalmic surgeon

Mr Shery Thomas is a leading consultant
ophthalmologist undertaking both NHS
and private work from state-of-the-art
facilities in Nottingham.


Here is a testimonial from a child who had surgery under Mr Thomas.

Dear Mr Thomas

"I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me and what a difference you have made to my day to day life. The operation has changed a lot of things for me and I am very grateful that you have done this operation.

Before the operation I was struggling with headaches and couldn’t concentrate in school and was worried about my exams in a few months. I had these headaches almost every day for nearly a year. Since you did my operation I haven’t experienced the same type of headache that were happening before the operation.

I have also never been able to see 3D  films or pictures before but after my operation I am now able to and I wasn’t expecting that to happen.

The most important thing is I was experiencing blurred vison and obviously my eyes were not straight. Since the operation I don’t have blurred vision as my eyes are no longer drifting off causing the blurriness. It has overwhelmed me how my eyes look and how straight they are now.

Thank you so much."

Here is what another of Mr Thomas' patients had to say:

"Thank you seems a very inadequate word to show my appreciation of your skills in the removal of my cataract.

I consider myself very fortunate to have benefited from your expertise and hope I may have the good fortune to secure your services when the time is ready to do the right eye.

Meanwhile very good wishes with your worthwhile work."

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