sherry thomas

Mr Shery Thomas


consultant ophthalmic surgeon

Mr Shery Thomas is a leading consultant
ophthalmologist undertaking both NHS
and private work from state-of-the-art
facilities in Nottingham.


Cataract Surgery in Adults

Sutureless cataract surgery with intra-ocular lens implantation in adults, which can be performed under topical anaesthesia (without injection) or injection anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. People may choose to have the standard monofocal intra-ocular lens or the Premium Multifocal and Toric implants.

Cataract Surgery in Infants and Children

Cataracts can occur during childhood. Developmental cataracts can be sporadic or genetic. We offer cataract surgery in infants and children.

Squint and Double vision

Mr Thomas is an expert in the management of squint/strabismus in both children and adults. He has developed expertise in the management of complex strabismus due to conditions such as Thyroid eye disease, Duanes Syndrome, and Cranial nerve palsies. He routinely uses adjustable suture technique for surgery. In addition to surgery, he uses botulinum toxin injections to manage squint in appropriate patients.


Mr Thomas has developed expertise in the medical and surgical management of Nystagmus.

Botulinum Toxin injections

For Blepharospassm/Eyelid twitching/ Facial Dystonia.

Lumps and bumps

Medical / Surgical management of lesion affecting eyelids and peri-ocular area.

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